Ignoring. Trying to deny the existence of someone/something. I’ve come to find that we censor things that we don’t understand. We censor things we deem offensive, such as language, violence, blood, etc. But lastly, we censor things that we fear. We fear the reaction it receives. We fear the emotion it evokes. We fear the impact of the person or thing becoming even greater than it previously was. But in some cases, the censorship indeed helps to grow the movement, because it shines a light on the importance of the subject being censored. It reminds us of how much that impact, that message, is needed. When prayer and God were removed from schools, it was made PAINFULLY CLEAR how much we need him. Today, while offended, I’m not surprised nor upset to hear that Colin Kaepernick’s name was censored out of a song in Madden 19, because his message and it’s meaning hasn’t been understood since it began. His standing up by kneeling down was deemed offensive to those who ignored the reasons behind it, and the fact that it was one of the troops he was “offending” that came up with kneeling as an alternative. So thank you EA Sports for renewing the purpose, without even knowing you were doing it. If the world forgot that the struggles Colin and others kneeled or raised a closed fist for are STILL REAL, they definitely remember it now.

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