Ground Zero...

I wanna take this time to thank all of those who have chosen to support me and this movement. Words can’t express how I feel, finally getting to work on this vision, and knowing that I have you with me. Like most things in life, this is gonna be a long ride. Lots of twists and turns. Some breaks our way and some breaks designed to tear us down. But I look forward to having and cultivating the support I have from each of you. 

This LoveStyle movement is starting at ground Zero. The lowest level possible. No need for going back to basics, we’re starting at the basics. Building a foundation, off of work ethic, focus, consistency, but more importantly, togetherness. This is for you. I know this is an underdog story, a story about a dog nobody’s even heard of before. But there will be no days, weeks, months, or moments of stagnation or complacency on my end. Be it a blog, song, newsletter, show, t shirt, anything, there will be SOMETHING you can expect to come from me consistently. We’re growing here. Thank you for sticking with me thus far. Stay tuned to see where we’re growing next..


Come and grow with me

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