Trust The Process

I’ve spent a lot of time this week looking at things from a numerical sense. Looking at numbers, numbers of visitors, numbers of page views, plays, how many songs I’ve written, all numbers. Numbers are often disappointing, because no matter what numbers you see, you’ll always subconsciously think those numbers could be better. You’ll feel like the support should be greater, the views should be higher, we tend to look at these types of things to illustrate success. 

Success comes in perseverance. Staying strong when you’re the only one in the room. Success is breaking new ground. Going harder, higher, further, than you previously imagined. The problem in breaking new ground is that often times, you’re starting from nothing, with nothing. Numbers can’t indicate success in uncharted territory. So trust the process. The numbers may not be where we want them. They may not be where we expected them. But let’s hang in there. Nothing of worth comes easy

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